My name is Brad Warfield, and after living in an “active” home for several years, I became highly interested in the paranormal, and after doing some recording and research, joined-up with a couple of “ghost hunting groups” in the Greater Cincinnati area from 2005-2011. This led to being featured in a book by Karen Laven (Cincinnati Ghosts) and an appearance on the Biography Channel show “My Ghost Story” during its first season.

During that time I visited and investigated (the majority of the time with the local group “P.I.N.K. Paranormal”) over 50 locations. These were both private residential homes and managed public properties, as well as businesses in the region who came to us for help.

After experiencing and recording my first clear EVP, inside my home in 2005, and seeing balls of light with my naked eyes in my office room, I quickly became aware of the fact that “yes, ghosts are real,” go figure. My body was instantly pumped with adrenaline as I heard the audio playback to my question, “Is anybody here?” It was the first time I had recorded a clear EVP and was alone in the home at the time, around noon on a weekday while working from home. Then another one right after it of two young girls’ voices whispering loudly in my headphones to each other. You can hear these on my Newport Home case page.

I was highly skeptical prior to my personal experience(s), and I have had to lead a sort of second life separate from friends and family I grew up with, who simply wouldn’t either understand, or care, or would just think that it was silly or stupid. I have no interest in celebrity or money-making, it was hard to do the TV show, but just as hard not to back-up the video evidence that I caught with P.I.N.K. in a woman’s home, as it was being used in the episode regardless of my participation. It was fun to fly to Hollywood for a weekend, for free, and get paid for a couple hours of my time, it’s a show no one I know would ever really see or watch for the most part.

Meanwhile Karen’s book featured everyone investigating the small 1800’s home we went to that day, she wrote the chapter(s) on it. We captured and experienced some awesome, clear evidence (despite the bad technology at the time) that told a bit of a story about the home as well, and verified the owners’ stories. A black shadow of what looks like a Victorian era dress gliding across the wall just to the right of my camera, but in-view, the clear sounds of a wood-burning stove still in the room, that hadn’t been used in many years, recorded on audio, a male voice commenting about killing rats (I’m sure a common activity back then in that rural house), orbs and anamolies, and more EVP’s and sounds. This was done in the middle of the afternoon.

I sort of got burned-out on the team thing eventually, we weren’t covering new ground or ramping-up approaches or investing in equipment, it was more of a weekend hobby for the rest of the team, which is fine, they are good people, but returning to school full-time and making a career change as I approached 40 left me little time for doing much else regularly, and my interest in exposing this phenomenon as something that holds lots of answers to our lives, versus just doing something cool on the weekend once a month, led me to take a break.

I am currently editing, organizing and uploading all of the worthwhile video and audio evidence from my time with P.I.N.K. and doing solo investigations, it’s a very difficult and tedious project, the site will become much more interesting when I can get that done. The video clips are amateurish and were filmed on pre-HD IR cameras, and while worth viewing and “clear enough,” they require some attention, and there’s a lot of them. I would put the entire collection up against any TV show, or typical evidence of spirit phenomenon that you see online. I can only imagine what could be captured now with HD IR cameras and better consumer IR extenders, and well 10+ years of technology advances.

There is one book in particular that I’ve read, that was another “ah-ha” moment for me, especially after doing these investigations and living in the active home, The Spirits Book” by Allan Kardec.

I will create a separate section for topics concerning the book, but wanted to bring it up here in the introduction.

More recently, I’ve gotten really interested in the whole Bigfoot phenomenon. After experiencing what I have, I’ve learned not to cast things off so easily, that there’s a really crazy, interesting thing going on around us, outside of our normal senses and conditioning. “Bigfoot” might be a silly topic, but once you got down that rabbit hole, and listen to the thousands of stories from thousands of normal, mostly rural, people, over many years, and read or listen to stories from those in “habituation” situations (living near a group), along with the evidence, a rational person might say there’s something to it. Not all of them are lying or are hoaxing. You only really understand that by listening to them and/or reading their stories.

So I’ll be posting a section on old Bigfoot here as well, and my belief that they are a “nature spirit,” capable of inter-dimensional or physically invisible states, another real possibility that life is not just about flesh and blood, only here on earth as it relates to our biology do those rules apply. It sounds totally ridiculous of course, but YouTube channels such as “Sasquatch Ontario” are a great place to start, when it comes to learning about their abilities from an honest, believeable guy who isn’t profiting from it.

Thanks for reading and visiting, not sure how you stumbled upon this because I’m not promoting it in any way other than search engine traffic – but stop back in the coming weeks/months.