Cincinnati Paranormal

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Are you experiencing strange events in your home or business that you can’t find an  answer for? These experiences can be very unsettling and sometimes out right frightening. 


   - We conduct FREE investigations
   - Over 30 years combined experience
   - Cincinnati's oldest active paranormal group
   - Services are FREE and confidential
   - We will help you find the answers

Cincinnati Paranormal is Cincinnati's oldest active paranormal research organization. We do investigations and educational programs in and around the Cincinnati, OH area. For more information you can contact our offices at 513-800-0266 or by email or fill out our help request.

Below is some information that may help you to understand more about Cincinnati Paranormal and the paranormal activity.



CAPER was featured in the October issue of Cincinnati Magazine. Read reporter, Aiesha D. Little’s story on her night with us on an investigation. Aiesha has a truly "touching" experience. 

Read the article here.



 Contact us at 513-800-0BOO (0266)