Are we recording the “Perispirit?”

Keep in mind the excerpt below, from the “The Spirits Book” (Allen Kardec) was written in the 1850’s, which transcribes many hours of Q&A sessions with spirits via “the world’s best known Mediums at the time,” using Automatic Writing:

“There are in man three things -(1.) The body, or material being, analogous to the animals, and animated by the same vital principle; (2.) The soul, or immaterial being, a spirit incarnated in the body; (3.) The link which unites the soul and the body, a principle intermediary between matter and spirit. “Man has thus two natures.: by his body he participates in the nature of the animals, of which it has the instincts; by his soul, he participates in the nature of spirits. “The link, or perispirit, which unites the body and the spirit, is a sort of semi-material envelope. Death is the destruction of the material body, which is the grossest of man’s two envelopes; but the spirit preserves his other envelope, viz., the perispirit, which constitutes for him an ethereal body, invisible to us in its normal state, but which he can render occasionally visible, and even tangible, as is the case in apparitions.”

While this is a bit simplistic in nature (it has been translated from French to English, long ago), the first thing I thought of as the “Perispirit,” are the anamolies we often catch in the IR spectrum, such as the ones pictured here from video stills. It makes sense that Kardec would only mention “apparitions” as evidence of their ability to be seen under the right conditions (but no mention of orbs or these shapes only visible in the IR spectrum, since they lacked the technology).

The book also goes into quite a bit of detail in a Q&A format, about reincarnation, the “spirit world,” and our purpose here on Earth, how we choose incarnations, etc.., What interests me most, is that Kardec became a devout Christian, and I don’t find hardly any of that influence corrupting the spirits’ messages by Kardec or its translators. It’s somewhat surprising the book was ever allowed to be published by the Church in that timeframe (1855). It’s a fascinating read, for its time, and leaves you wondering if these Mediums really were transcribing actual messages from highly evolved spirit entities. That even if part of the message is massaged by western/Christian prejudices and influence, it is a far, far cry from anything in the Bible or New Testament, as the Spirits’ in the book do not even know of Jesus or Mohammed or Noah! They simply assume those people were very highly evolved beings that lived on Earth at the time, providing guidance.

A “rod” shape flies through the wall and PC Monitor towards my camera in Burlington, KY

I’ve recorded and have seen these anomalies dozens of times, only visible in the IR spectrum, eluding our visible light spectrum, but seemingly capable of also appearing briefly in our sight spectrum at times. You’ll see them on shows like “Ghost Adventures” as well, often accompanied by some other activity such as an EVP or noise.

The phenomenon is higly repeatable in “active” locations, take me to any haunted or active building, and I guarantee you will record these at some point. Some are “orb-like” (or circular), some are just rod or snake shaped, move at varying speeds and in odd ways, look almost 2-dimensional, and can move through objects as if they aren’t there.

But yet they’re visible just below our light spectrum, not invisible. The Spirits’ Book explains that this “Perispirit” is a material envelope that is necessary or a reaction to, our atmosphere. That same “envelope” may take on a different constitution, if any at all, outside of our atmosphere.

It eludes me that at this point, with something so repeatable, and thus measurable, that science has not started to look at it. There are thousands of recordings of these out there – with no explanation outside of laziness like “bugs or dust” nonsense from people who can’t tell the difference, or do not have experience with IR cameras (i.e. someone who’s spent 100’s of hours with them).

You can read the Spirits’ Book for free on here:

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