Barbara Streisand Clones Her Dogs

I was mostly interested in knowing one thing about this story when I saw the headline; “Do they have different personalities?” Streisand says they do.
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Maybe this helps lend credence to the notion of a separation between the conscious entity that inhabits a physical body, and the biological body itself. Or maybe there’s just some unavoidable DNA randomness involved in the process still…not sure.

And they are dogs, not highly conscious/intelligent human beings, as we are likely a different form of consciousness in the scheme of things, but I think that there are “universal principles” that apply to many things, that keep things in order, so to speak. Not being able to duplicate the pairing of a spirit and a body, at least on our end, may be one of those.

And they are still unable to predictably or successfully clone a human, part of that reason is that it’s illegal as far as I know.

Even identical twins have different personalities and unique traits, although not readily visible unless you speak to them about it in most cases.

Total random post/thoughts, hope to contribute more soon.

Still Working on Media Files

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