Bigfoot Central

There are a million different resources out there on Bigfoot, there is also a whole lot of garbage. I’m here to help you separate what is worthwhile, from what is not. I’ll add to this over time, but will start out with some YouTube channels, in no particular order:

YouTube links:

Thinker Thunker – YT Channel

TT analyzes popular YouTube videos of Bigfoot evidence. He does a great job of editing and narrating things, and also keeps things light and interesting.

Sasquatch Ontario – YT Channel

Mike Patterson’s channel contains a series of videos produced over several years that record the activity of the creatures at a rural Canadian residence. Evidence of “paranormal” behavior is a major part of his story. You may notice the parallels with spirit phenomenon. The one channel that really does a good job of exploring the notion that “Bigfoot” is more than what it appears to be.

Colorado Bigfoot – YT Channel

CB’s channel is certainly interesting, but focuses more on tree structures, shelters and prints that appear in the wilderness near his home in Colorado, among some other activity.

Impossible Visits – YT Channel

Christopher Noel’s series of interactions with Sasquatch in the woods behind a family members’ home is one of the more well-known series of books and videos, due to his dedication and belief in Sasquatch, as a result of his experiences there. Watch pine cones hit him from out of nowhere, gifting, recorded sounds and interactions with the elusive creatures over a period of several years.