Bobby Mackey’s, Wilder KY

One of two private investigation/over-nighters I did with a small group of people at Bobby Mackey’s back in 2007-08.  You have to get lucky there, most nights it’s little stuff like what’s below in the videos, just to let you know it’s haunted/active, but not much else actually happens.  The location is now investigated constantly, and was just becoming popular then after being featured on increasingly popular paranormal TV series.

I researched the Pearl Bryan murder case here locally where it happened, reading old newspaper articles and visiting the Campbell County museum where evidence of the infamous 19th century murder still resides (handcuffs from the hanging, newspaper articles etc..,). I didn’t find any evidence of the site of Mackey’s having anything to do with the crime. It’s true they passed the site on Licking Pike on their way to committing the crime, but there is nothing about depositing her head or anything else in the basement well. Mackey’s is several miles from the crime scene. It’s possible there’s some odd connection that involved actions the two men took after murdering Bryan up in the Fort Thomas area outdoors. Maybe they hid at the slaughterhouse (now Mackey’s) and were caught there, maybe they deposited body parts at the site, down the well (and into the north-flowing Licking River that feeds into the Ohio), and the papers then just didn’t report or include the finer details. (the articles are much briefer back then). But nowhere in the official reports did I find or read about any connection with Mackey’s site and Scott Jackson, Alonzo Walling and Pearl Bryan. The closest thing I’ve seen was the “Ghost Adventures” Ovulis recording of Scott Jackson, or someone who claimed to be. That said, they “requested” Jackson, so who’s to say the spirit was only imitating him? It’s something the low level, mischevious, angry spirit there would do. It also “confessed” to killing Bryan, because of course it would.

What is more likely is the post-slaughter house era of the site, where it was a Mafia-controlled night club with an illegal gambling operation. Several remnants of “The Latin Quarter” still exist inside Mackey’s today. Stories of the many years as a night club include violence (a prominent Newport mobster and part owner was shot in the parking lot) and a teenage girl locked in an upstairs, backstage room (daughter of the owner at the time) for long periods (her poem written on the wall is something I can upload soon, which helps to confirm a story possibly).

That upstairs room with the poem she was locked-in to by her father (supposably for having an affair with one of the club’s regular musicians) had plenty of activity (mostly darting, glowing infrared spectrum light anomalies on a somewhat regular basis). We also recorded a female voice backstage as well. I had a disturbing, but brief “huff!” into my headphones in the basement well area, which I also need to find, and a couple of other EVP’s and good stories from the employees (one that involved a spirit leaving a voicemail on a worker’s cell phone, and believe it or not, I think it might have been legitimate, when he played it back for me on his phone, incredibly bizarre).

A discarded EVP I recorded, said the name of one of the younger female investigators I was with (“I…want…<name here>”). A creepy, deep male voice, recorded near the main stage on the dance floor area. I never played it back for anyone and discarded it somewhere, as it just filled me with dread, and I didn’t want to frighten her (it also would’ve been awkward, I did not know her at all). It wasn’t a “class A” EVP or anything like that, but I could make it out clearly enough. The two girls (sisters actually) had worked with Grant and Jason of Ghost Hunters, I can’t even remember how we met now, but I hope they have gone on to do what they wanted (filming/directing).

Mackey’s is definitely “haunted,” and is an active location, what you experience in a single night is a roll of the dice though, like Waverly Hills, the place is used to having people in it a lot.

1. In the “Quick, Hushed Voice” EVP video below, if I had to guess, he is saying “drain the blood.” This was recorded above the stage in the room that “Johanna” was locked in for some time, according to their stories.

2. In the “Cell Phone Message from Spirit?” video below, the employee told me that it’s happened before (voice messages, calls from his own #), and that the female on the VM apparently didn’t like the “rock band” that was playing (it’s almost always country there), as the VM was left during the time the loud rock band was playing. The voice says “Get them out.” The employee swore up and down it was real and that it had happened more than once. I generally believed he was telling the truth, and thought it was worth posting.

3. In the “Wall Anamoly and Female Voice” video below, listen carefully to the strange female voice that comes in as I start talking (just a millisecond before I start). You can also hear the 2 other female investigators talking in the background, the voice says something like “I knooww” then I start talking. I thought it sounds similar to the deep female voice in the voicemail mentioned above. This was recorded by my video camera backstage.

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