Florence, KY Residence #2

In January of 2009, we were contacted to investigate the home of a single mother who lived with her son in Florence, Ky., which is located just south of downtown Cincinnati.  The woman claimed to hear footsteps, voices, odd noises, and at one point, pulled into her driveway only to be “showered with orbs” (her story) just outside the front of the home.  

We were able to verify many of these stories and the activity present in the home below.  The history of the home itself is largely unknown, was built in the 50’s or 60’s, is rather small, but the land itself has been used dating back to the 1700’s.   

I found this home to be quite active, despite the fact the evidence captured being fairly modest, this is, as with most of these older cases, due to the lack of good consumer technology at the time.  (mid-2000’s, before HD cameras)

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