About Me

Disclaimer: Below is a general introduction, the "Newport Home" link currently has just a couple pieces of media and backstory, it will be updated fully soon. The intro below is just a way of communicating what this is about and why. I felt what I did and where it went and what we captured is worth sharing.

From 2005 to 2010 I lived in a "haunted" home, located within a designated historic district of Newport, KY. While there I recorded numerous pieces of visual and audio evidence, and experienced strange phenomenon on almost a weekly basis. This influenced me to join-up with some local "ghost hunters" who took what they did seriously, and shared my enthusiasm and curiosity for the subject matter.

I spent the next five years investigating private and public residences, as well as places of business, with these two groups, as well as on my own. I invested in various digital items to help me do this, much like you see on the popular ghost hunting related reality TV shows.

During that time I spent the night and/or day in over 50 homes and buildings altogether, almost all of which were verifiably "active" with unexplained phenomenon. On weekends I left home to seek out this activity, and then come home to it and live with it, studying and recording it, reading books and meeting people from all over the region.

Evidence I was able to capture eventually resulted in my appearance on "My Ghost Story" (an A&E show), inclusion in a book (Cincinnati Ghosts), and invitations to investigate (most often with the local group "P.I.N.K.") well-known haunts and businesses in the Northern Kentucky and Cincinnati areas (Bobby Mackey's, Waverly Hills, The Carnegie Arts Center, Whispering Estates, others). These were all private, overnight investigations, not public tours or paid public group events (although Waverly was your typical private, reserved small group situation). Some of the best EVP's you will ever hear were recorded during this time, and the sheer number of regular people and families experiencing this activity was eye-opening.

Eventually my time and life's needs changed, I had to leave P.I.N.K., and move out of the active home after 5+ years. I still had all of these files (dozens of them), stories and cases I was carrying around with me, and if nothing else wanted to make sure they were kept available to the public in some proper fashion. So I have decided to create this site, and over the coming months, curate, edit and upload as much worthwhile evidence as I can, and write about the experiences I had, and hopefully will again. I had so many personal encounters with spirits during this time, that I needed to take a break from it, it was over-whelming and constant. I've never been interested in "hunting ghosts." I am curious, want to learn from it, and propel the science community to take it seriously eventually. Their complete dismissal of it to this day is disappointing.

Spiritism is about the message of enlightened spirits that have communicated with people, primarily dating back to the mid-1800's in the west. These passages from spirits were recorded over time by Allen Kardec (as he is referred to most often) by transcribing the conversations while in the presence of the world's best-known mediums of the time. There are similarities with Buddhism (i.e. reincarnation) as well as their descriptions of what "ghosts" would look like to us (similar to the ecto-plasmic shapes and anamolies captured in the Infrared spectrum) how they communicate with us in the physical/biological realm, and each other. The spirits were able to communicate a perfectly plausible, reasonable, clear reality of what consciousness was about, and thus life and death here on earth...why there's meaning to it, and why we exist. The only "religious" inclusions were that of Kardec and the influence Christianity had on people at the time.

Please be patient if you've stumbled upon this, and eventually I may be able to combine this site with update notifications via social media. For now I have a lot of work to do and only so much time to do it, so I need to get started.

Thanks for stopping by. For now you can contact me here via e-mail.

Brad Warfield