The Newport, KY Home

In 2005 when I first moved-in to the Newport, KY home, built in 1895 near the Ohio river bank across from downtown Cincinnati, on a whim while on a lunch break working from home at a previous job, I decided to turn-on my digital audio recorder, to try and record an EVP for kicks. It was around 12:30pm on a weekday, sunny outside, no one else was in the home. The walls are thick stone and brick Victorian era construction, located in the East Row where many prominent Newport officials and townspeople lived, including the city's founder (James Taylor). History of the land the home sits on, dates back to the mid-1700's and the founding of Cincinnati. The Licking River, the only south-to-north flowing river in the States, runs just a 1/4 of a mile or so from the home, which is pulled by the heavy currents of the Ohio it merges with at Newport.

Gen. James Taylor

The home sits on the small hillside just south of the Ohio River bank (the backyard has a view of the river and downtown). The front parlor room is where I often spent my time recording and working. Previous inhabitants of the home were laid-out in their coffins in this room, per Victorian era custom. A tailor once lived in the home and worked in this room (possible audio evidence of this I will post later). A well-known Psychic visited the home at one point, and described friendly spirits, nature spirits (fairies) nearby, colonial-era figures in the basement, horses, servants, and a large woman in a victorian-era dress in the bedroom area (I had a one-time case of sleep paralysis in the bedroom that I still remember vividly to this day, of a similar woman watching over me in bed, walking from the foot of it to my side of the bed, then disappearing). "Dreams" don't stick with you like that, at least they have never done so for me.

This EVP is basically where it started (below), I was wearing my headphones and listening to the recording in real-time, so I immediately heard the "Yes" response from the male voice. I was unable to ever record this particular voice there again. That said, I did not, regretably, do a lot of interactive EVP sessions in this room. I was a little spooked after hearing this, I knew it was real, it didn't require any "faith," a disembodied spirit was answering me.

You'll want to turn up the volume.

Man answers "Yes" to my question, "Is anyone here."

If that wasn't enough for me, I turned the recorder right back on a couple of minutes later, and almost immediately, heard a little girl's voice clearly come through my headphones, saying "He's Happy." Shortly after that, a similar sounding young female voice says either "He's Weird," or "He's Here."

Second Newport EVP: "He's Happy" (young female voice)

Light anomalies were commonly recorded in the front parlor room of the home, using an infrared video camera.

I recorded several EVP's throughout the first floor, and also strange light anomaly shapes in the parlor room. I have repeated many of these several times quickly to help you pick-up the voices. These are audible and clear enough, but are quick and hushed with a lot of white noise in the background.