Sin City Antiques – Newport, KY

One of the most active and haunted locations I’ve been to, the former Sin City Antiques shop on Monmouth Street in Newport, KY was once a department store, where the building dates back to the Victorian Era where it once was a vibrant, bustling main thoroughfare for prostitution houses, gambling joints and casinos. Prior to the “mafia era,” Monmouth was largely a town center shopping district, home to the first Kroger Grocery Store, theaters and department and specialty shops.

I encourage you to watch/listen to the video evidence files below carefully, they are some of the best EVP’s I’ve heard, ranging from a man with a clear Irish accent, to young children.

I experienced the clear sound of boxes “sliding” across the floor in the basement, “tacks” being thrown near us (see the “flashlight” scene below), which also matched client stories, and numerous EVP’s in just a single overnight investigation. The building still stands and has new ownership now, how I would love to go back and investigate it further to see what else could be uncovered. The previous owners contacted us as they lived in an apartment above the store at the time, and were experiencing activity almost daily. It’s possible the antiquities inside the store escalated the activity, as we caught EVP’s around old baby cribs and items on the main floor, as well as in the basement and back rooms.

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