The Carnegie Theatre – Covington, KY

The Carnegie Theater and Art Museum is located in downtown Covington, KY. The staff there had been experiencing paranormal activity for some time, and asked P.I.N.K. to come and investigate. A local news station also did a piece on the investigation.

I didn’t expect what we found there, multiple EVP’s, some anomalies on video, and a child’s voice speaking out loud in the lobby area (see videos below). There was absolutely nothing malevolent or negative about the activity, and it’s still uncertain “who” or what is residing there, and why. I don’t believe the museum was ever used as a residence, but it was a very central, active cultural and social space in the late 19th century, and is still in regular use today.

For whatever reason(s), old victorian era theaters tend to be haunted, much like Music Hall in Cincinnati. Why spirits tend to reside there is of course a matter of speculation, but I’ve come to learn that large, older entertainment venues attract activity. For instance I remember speaking to the owner of Cincinnati Gardens, prior to it being torn down, and he mentioned that they heard “a lot of strange things” at night there. In Los Angeles, many of the smaller music and comedy clubs with a steep history are known haunts, in other towns, it’s hotels. I guess my point is that spirits are pretty much “everywhere,” not just in homes. They seem to reside or frequent places that were important or close to them emotionally, seemingly clinging to the positive memories and life experiences they had there.

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