The Historic Newport Home, Newport KY


Front porch of the Newport Home, located in Newport, KY.  

Located on the banks of the Ohio River, next to the north-flowing (one of only 2 in the world) Licking River, the Newport Home was built in 1895, a mix of Greek Revival and Queen Anne architectural styles, the home was built for/by the Taylor family, who founded Newport, Kentucky, and owned much of the land parcels throughout the city’s storied, early history. Most of the activity occurred on the first floor and the basement area, and including doors slamming shut, objects moving or being pushed over, visible lights or orbs, and of course recorded activity in the Infrared light spectrum and via digital audio recording.

I am careful to not give out the exact location of the home, as I do not own it, nor live in it any longer, and certainly do not want to publicize the address in any way. I suspect activity like this can be found throughout the East Row Historic District and Newport and Covington in general, as I’ve heard stories from residents of other homes in both cities dating back to the early 90’s as I grew up. My experiences here absolutely convinced me that this stuff is 100% real/valid, and that there are things going on we’ve yet to uncover or understand about life and death and the nature of consciousness, let alone our true purpose for being in this world and body.

The clips below are just some samples of activity I recorded and experienced during the time I lived there (5 years), and living here is what ultimately drove me to investigate and learn more about spirit phenomenon.

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