The Historic Renaker House, Burlington, KY

The Renaker House, Burlington KY

Just south of downtown Cincinnati and the Ohio River, in Northern Kentucky, lies the town of Burlington, KY. We (P.I.N.K.) had at least 4 active investigations in this area, in homes/properties of varying ages and locations. In one case, an entire street with homes built in the 60’s-70’s appeared to be haunted, according to the surrounding neighbors (at least the cul de sac area of the street).

In any case, the Renaker House (pictured above) is now used as a local government services building, and we were fortunate enough to investigate it privately about 10 years ago.

You can read about the history of the home here: (was previously a tavern, and the home/building dates to 1830):

Renaker House History

Below are a couple of evidence videos. I have a couple more that I may add in the future. One includes the capture of the oddly-shaped “ecto-like” anomaly floating “through” a wall and a computer monitor – proving it isn’t any sort of “dust” or material in the air.

The other is mainly for people who might have experienced this phenomenon before while investigating….a “shower” of small, glowing orbs dance and move around over time in the range of my IR camera. The camera is old and the quality poor but visible, but want to emphasize how clear it was in-person through the LCD on the camera while happening. A slight static charge in the air (i.e. raising hairs on exposed body parts) and drop in temperature also occurred during this time. Most of the activity here seemed to be focused on the (unused) attic. This is something I’ve also seen many times in occupied homes that have an attic – the entities seem to sort of spend their time up there, especially when people are home, or during the day. And there are usually reports of noises coming from their attic(s).

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