Walton, KY Private Residence

This was a private residence in Walton, KY., which is just south of downtown Cincinnati (20-30 minutes). The home is in a rural area with grave sites in the front yard of the former inhabitants, from the 1800’s.

The family were mostly concerned about their teenage daughter being “haunted” by spirits there, from what I recall. They simply wanted validation and any answers they could find.

I’ll add some evidence examples as I dig them up. For now, below is a nice capture of 2 anomalies flying down the far wall in an upstairs bedroom. Notice the K2 meter lights’ up on the bed when they approach. It’s a little tough to see that with the old camera quality, but it’s visible (just pause when the scene kicks in, notice the K2 lights are not on, then again after or when the anomalies pass through it, the lights are visible.

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