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For about 7 years, I belonged to two paranormal investigation teams in the Southwest Ohio and Northern Kentucky areas, that visited and investigated numerous private and public properties throughout the Greater Cincinnati area. This site will (eventually) have many evidence highlights from those years (2005-2012), as well as other items of interest.  I also lived in a haunted home for about 5 years during this time.

I was fortunate enough to investigate reported paranormal activity in (I like to call them “visits,” I’m not implying expertise in anything) many local and regional homes and businesses in the Tri-State area of Cincinnati, Kentucky and Indiana, but most of it was done in the historic Northern Kentucky waterfront historic cities and districts, as well as in the northern Cincinnati suburbs, Dayton OH and in SE Indiana. I was fortunate enough to be featured in the book “Cincinnati Ghosts,” and in an early episode of “My Ghost Story” (Bio Channel) as a result of my experience and the evidence captured.

I learned that “ghosts” are literally everywhere. They are in new homes and old, office buildings, theaters and museums and orphanages too. I visited dozens of private family homes of “normal” people who were living with everything from Poltergeist type behavior, to seeing apparitions, or being physically attacked. They wanted verification, insight, and some comfort in knowing it’s a much more common phenomenon than they realized.

My private YouTube channel videos are a slowly growing catalog of evidence recorded 10-15 years ago when I spent about 6 years doing this on a regular basis (around 1-2 visits per month). It’s a lot of work updating them (they are amateurish video using the technology of the time) and it’s all very genuine.

Prior to that I was living in an actively “haunted” historic home in Newport, KY. My experiences there largely led me into investigating other places, as I was able to use the home for experimenting and learning. Seeing balls of light float through furniture and the wall with my naked eyes for the first time, while living there, is what really got me into all of this.

To an extent, I feel like we’ve hit a plateau with “ghost” or spirit phenomenon. TV shows are unable to breach any new barriers as it relates to knowledge of the subject, we’re all just collecting more of the same “evidence” over and over. There are still a sizeable portion of people who simply believe it’s all faked, all of it. You won’t convince those people with a great EVP or even the most elusive of video footage that’s impressive.

This led me into Bigfoot, even though I’ve never had a personal experience with them, I cannot believe ALL of these people are lying, but that took a while for me to conclude, and a lot of listening and reading and watching.

I’d also recommend this book as a good starting point when it comes to spirit phenomenon: “The Spirits Book” by Allan Kardec.

Spiritism, led by Allen Kardec in the 1850’s (more or less started in 1855), was a movement based on his documented work with Spirit Mediums in the early-to-mid 1800’s. He was French, and later became a devout Christian (albeit quite a “liberal” one for the era, he carried the messages and ideas the spirits communicated to him, into his religious approach, including reincarnation, and a less-than-literal interpretation of the Abrahamic Bibles). The book covers the first modern recordings of many sessions with the world’s most respected Mediums at the time, who communicated with highly evolved spirits. The answers given make a lot of sense, seem to be ideas beyond what Westerners in particular of the time could conceive, or believed in, but told to them in a language they could understand and relate to. It’s simply too much to explain here, but the book is cheap online and free on Kindle Unlimited, and is very accessible reading, most of which is documented Q&A sessions with these “highly evolved spirits,” along with his interpretations and short summaries. So you’re not given a biased account necessarily, the spirit’s words are verbatim and it’s hard to poke any holes in what they say, even today. The time and effort taken to record all of these words took years to accomplish. Again I highly recommend it.

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