Whispers Estate, Richmond IN

You can read more about Whispers Estate here: http://whispersestate.com/about/

We spent the night there with another couple, and managed to capture some interesting evidence. The house has some really odd, constant activity. We slept just fine, but if you go looking for things there, you’ll probably find them! Whispers Estate is located in Mitchell, Indiana. It was a bed & breakfast at the time we stayed there. I have not kept up with what is going on with it now.

The front room of the home, looking at the front door area.

Regarding the “Flurry of Orbs” video below: I have recorded and witnessed this (through the LED on the camera) in real-time multiple times on investigations, it’s common if the energy is very high in a home. A casual observer would write it off as dust or insects. It’s the orb on the painting that stops and changes direction that should clue people in who aren’t familiar. This sort of energy is common in active places, I believe it’s something that can be recreated or observed repeatedly (these visual anamolies in general), but science refuses to touch it.

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