Covington, KY Residence – 2010

One of the last investigations I participated in with P.I.N.K., was in a early 20th century home in the city of Covington, Kentucky, in 2010.  The house was noticeably haunted after only being there for a few hours.  I caught multiple anomalies/orbs on video, and EVP’s (see a few of those below).  We also had some physical manipulation of objects and noises on the 2nd floor (small knocks, footsteps, voices).

The residents’ stories of noises, voices and related phenomenon while living there, seemed to match-up with the evidence.  

Many of these “haunted” residences in the historic urban riverfront towns of Northern Kentucky, involve people in lower income situations, where the activity seems to be more obnoxious or negative, than the historic mansions and business-owner homes of the Victorian era and beyond, where they seem to be of a more benevolent nature…which would make sense, the spirits just represent the character and past of the neighborhoods themselves.

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