Dr. Stephen Greer UFO Presentation

Stephen Greer

I thought this was a neat presentation with a lot of night vision video and photos of UFO phenomenon he’s captured, in particualr at Mt. Shasta and Joshua Tree National Park. I very much want to add some night vision binoculars with HD video to my tech at some point, and do some star-gazing. In the mean time I hope to start doing some night time photography of the sky with special lenses and my Canon DLSR camera.

I’m not a “Greer geek” by any means, but I respect him and like listening to what he has to say. That doesn’t mean you have to believe everything he says, but open minds listen, consider, weigh things over time, I’ve learned that much. Below is the first of 2 parts (part 2 should show up after the video ends, or if you view it on YouTube, on the right of the page).

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