Loveland Castle, Loveland OH

I’ll add evidence related files here soon. Below are a few images from the fundraiser event we did with some other paranormal groups years ago (2009?) when I was in P.I.N.K., of the castle and grounds.

The castle was built by Harry Andrews over many years, until his death in 1981…by hand and with relatively little help. He was highly interested in the medival period, in particular combat and castles, after touring Europe. The castle is still as it was when he built it, and even includes a lot of his things inside, if not all, in particular the furnishings. Based on evidence captured and various stories, and staying there more than once to investigate, I can certainly say either Harry or some intelligent spirit(s) reside there. The gamut of usual evidence was recorded…EVP’s, anomalies, noises, and physical manipulation of objects (room light turned-off on camera).

Harry’s story is quite interesting and he was an unusual man. Highly intelligent, he graduated from Colgate and served in WWI, where he was once declared “dead” from spingal meningitis. He hosted Boy Scout camping (he was one) trips there, and had seasonal help from them as well.

You can visit the castle’s site here:, as it’s still open to the public for tours and private events.

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