Middletown, OH Historic Home

Back in 2007, I accompanied Mike Palmer from “P.I.N.K. Paranormal” on an investigation in Middletown, Ohio., in the afternoon. Also joining us was local author Karen Laven and two female investigators, who documented the experience in her book “Cincinnati Ghosts” (available on Amazon), we had quite an experience. I was able to capture at least one Class A EVP and one of the best “shadow figure” videos (despite the out-dated tech) I’ve seen yet up-close. We heard and saw all of this evidence in real-time for the most part, through my cameras and headphones – so we knew things were happening as we went along.

This was an old rural, small home built in the mid-to-late 1800’s. A small, iron wood stove was used on the 2nd floor for heat and cooking apparently. During one of these EVP’s, you can hear a match light and strike, while not far away from it, which is crazy. The other EVP is a clear male voice stating “let’s catch some rats.” Likely a common activity back then. The home seemed to be exhibiting residual activity, a lot of it, constantly. I wonder who lives there now and what’s like.

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