Undisclosed Orphanage, Northern, KY

The Haunted Children’s Home in Northern Kentucky.

We were asked to investigate a Children’s Home, which was once a Catholic Orphanage, after many reports by employees and kids living there, of various encounters with paranormal activity. They were adamant about it not being publicized in any way, so out of respect, many years later, I will refrain from naming the facility. The grounds have been used as an Orphanage for roughly 100 years, and is now a Children’s Home for youths who do not have parents or homes to live in.

The grounds are said to be haunted by a former Nun that some of the employees there knew, but it has been many years since her passing. She is said to have spent her life there, in service to the church and the orphanage as a Nun and classroom teacher. There were many other stories of activity that may or may have not involved her over the years, but one thing I noticed is that all of the people who lived and worked there, were convinced it was haunted, and were quite serious.

One of my all-time favorite EVP’s is displayed below in the gallery for this case, titled “I Want You To Hear Me.” I recorded this, unknowingly at the time on my IR video camera, in one of the empty classrooms, when I was alone. I also closed the door behind me to filter out any noise from other team members. Upon reviewing the video, I clearly heard a female voice, when I turned it up a bit, it was a “class A” EVP saying “I Can Hear You, I Want You To Hear Me.” I was in one of the nun’s classrooms, it is an adult female’s voice, which to me helped to verify the stories of the kids and employees. And beyond that, wow, this seemed to be an intelligent response to my previously asked questions (spoken out loud) in the room (probably a minute or two prior to recording this) and the team’s voices in the hallways and other rooms prior to this.

This strongly suggests that spirits can indeed hear and sense us in real-time, that they’re in a sense “still alive,” and maintain a conscious intelligence even after death – the kind of thing I live for and love to find some proof of. Nothing can replace personal experience with this stuff, it convinces you and changes your perception of the world and reality. I can only show you what I captured and ask that it be trusted as being genuine. See video of EVP below.

You probably will want to turn up your audio a few notches, and it should be audible. The text overlay coincides with the EVP.

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